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What is the significance of the name “Digital Shape Technologies”?
In our early days, we specialized in mapping data to two-dimensional graphics, giving shape to digital data. Back then we gave shape to data in the literal sense. Today we do the same thing, but in a more figurative sense.

Is Digital Shape a public company?
Digital Shape is a privately-held company and has no plans to become a public company.

Is Digital Shape seeking investors?
No, we are not looking for outside investment.

Who are Digital Shape’s customers?
Our customers include well-known asset management firms. Our contractual agreements with those companies require that they remain anonymous.

Are you hiring?
Yes. We are always on the lookout for programmer/developers with world-class skills and experience in the financial domain. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of a Digital Shape future, visit our Careers page for our latest job postings.

When and where was Digital Shape founded?
The company was founded in 1999 in Montreal.

How can I see a demo of Webfolio?
Contact us via the links on our website or call us at 514-908-2189 to set up a meeting.


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