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Digital Shape Technologies is a tight-knit, fast-growing team of financial and IT professionals focused on serving the alternative investment sector of the financial services industry. We have grown from a handful of employees in 2000 to a solid critical mass in 2004. Our pace of growth is constrained only by our ability to find, train, and deploy world-class talent.

Digital Shape Technologies has been consistently profitable during its short history. We finance our own growth. This has meant that we are free to pursue our goals without concern for external investors or seeking new investment capital. We reinvest in improving our products to ensure healthy revenue streams for many years to come.

To develop and bring to market state of the art integrated software solutions for the alternative investment management industry. 

Digital Shape Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1999 in Montreal, Canada. Its original focus was IT consulting for the financial industry, focusing on systems-level architecture and software engineering optimization. A core competence at that time was the rendering of 3-dimensional graphical representations of complex financial data, or giving shape to numbers. This gave rise to the company name, Digital Shape Technologies. Subsequent development of integrated financial sub-systems led to the creation of Webfolio, now Digital Shape Technologies' core product, one that we think is without equal for fund of funds asset management. 

Our customers have been instrumental in helping define and evaluate Webfolio. Together we have fused their practical experience in the industry with our mastery of leading edge technology. Confidentiality agreements dictate that we cannot divulge the names of current or prospective customers without having reciprocal non-disclosure agreements in place. 

Business Overview:
Our focus is on bringing to market a feature-rich fund of funds asset management system that provides  key competitive advantages for our clients. Fund of funds arguably represent the most dynamic growth opportunity in the financial services industry. Growth in the number of FOFs has increased by almost an order of magnitude since 1990 and that growth continues largely unabated today.  In terms of assets under management, by 2005 FOF assets under management are projected to be in excess of a quarter of a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone, a 3-fold increase over AUM for the year 2002. In particular, the bursting of the dot com bubble of the 1990s sent high net worth individual and institutional investors scrambling to funds of funds in search of positive financial gains despite bear markets or market lassitude.

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