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The Electronic Document Manager (EDM) module is a version-controlled repository which can be used stand-alone to store any type of documents (e.g., email and email attachments, MS Word documents, MS Excel spreadsheets, TXT files, GIF images) in an organized fashion.

Because EDM is integrated into Webfolio, it can also store the following documents linked to the portfolios, securities and contacts managed in Webfolio:

  • Portfolio-related documents (email, reports, tickets, client-related information)
  • Security-related documents (email, reports, fund- and manager-related information)
  • Contact-related documents (email, fund manager biographies)

In EDM, each document is linked to a document class and a folder.

EDM Security:

Part of EDMís security system is based on the definition of user groupís permissions over document classes. Documents stored in EDM can be shared and accessed by other users if the user group(s) to which they belong to have permission to access the documents in question. 

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