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Webfolio’s Front Office module is designed to provide investment managers with the tools needed to successfully create and manage positions in portfolios. An intuitive user interface provides a "blotter" of all investment portfolios and all open investment sessions. As well as the fund and the portfolio, the blotter displays the fund capacity and the portfolio security account custodian.

The Front Office Module Process:
Investment managers manage portfolios of funds. To buy and sell funds, engage in forex transactions, etc., an investment manager opens a Webfolio investment session. During an investment session the manager will make allocations. Allocations and the investment session are directive (for in-house portfolios) or recommendations (for advisory portfolios). Allocations can be tested by the system against investment guidelines entered in the constraint module and other investment criteria (fees, penalties, lockups, liquidity rules, etc). Allocations are assigned a workflow status by the front officer to reflect the progress of the allocation from conception to execution. Allocation status is assigned from a user-defined list and could include such terms as new; pending; verified; and approved. When an allocation has been approved for execution, it becomes an operation and moves to Webfolio’s Middle/Back Office Module for execution. All actions taken and any reversals entered into the Front Office module are fully captured in an audit trail for a complete history of an investment session.

Front Office / Back Office Integration:
Front Office is a stand-alone module of Webfolio, yet it is fully integrated with the rest of the Webfolio platform. It captures investment decisions and tracks changes to the portfolio valuation. Constraint testing is fully interfaced with Middle Office, in order to provide what-if scenarios. The portfolio manager can test his decisions against the investment guidelines and also see the effect on the various exposures.

Front Office has its own login requirement, separate from the Back Office module of Webfolio, to provide an added measure of security. However, duplicate data entry is eliminated by having all modules access a common database. Real-time database updates thus are immediately accessible to authorized users across the Webfolio platform. Exporting and importing of portfolio positions between different installations of Webfolio in multiple locations allows advisory portfolio support. Some Front Office functionality mirrors the functionality found in the Middle Office module: e.g., the portfolio listing, the product lists and update capability, and a number of systems support functions.

Front Office workflow can be adapted to any particular office’s procedures. The rules that govern the progress of an allocation from conception to execution are user-definable. System action requirements, permissions and notifications for any change are user-defined and selected. Reporting can be customized to suit you and your customers’ needs. Portfolios and operations are shared by all the modules and accessible to all authorized users.

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