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Webfolio enables you to attach comments or notes to different kinds of records or entities (e.g., portfolios, funds, and operations). Comments are free-text fields used to provide additional supporting information, description, or background not already defined as an input field. Comments can be used in portfolio quarterly outlooks and manager biographies, etc.; they can also be integrated as disclaimers in reports. Comments are usually entered ad hoc into a dialog box for the entity, but pre-defined comments can be created and stored as a Comments template for future retrieval and static or dynamic pasting. 

You can format Webfolio's comments using Rich Text Format (RTF). By changing the font and other characteristics, you can create greater clarity in your text.

Comment Templates:
Because the same comment text may be required in a number of similar entities, Webfolio has a template feature to create, sort, and store pre-defined text. These templates are found in the Free Comment template window, and can be used as templates for all areas where comments can be entered (including the creation of new templates).

The portfolio, products, and contact comment templates store comments for only these entities and cannot be used to paste comments into other comment fields, but the window functionality and the handling of the comments are otherwise identical. 

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