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Webfolio operations consist of a series of steps or transactions that affect the make up and positions within a portfolio. They capture and put into effect portfolio manager and/or portfolio owner's decisions (e.g., subscribe to or redeem a position in a fund; transfer a position; execute a swap). The individual transactions handle the required capital, product, and fee movements for portfolio accounts. At all times, the historical investment date and price information are readily available to the portfolio manager for checking positions against critical liquidity issues such as lock-ups and penalties.

Webfolio operations and transactions are managed via a client-centric, client-defined workflow that replicates the delivery and settlement steps that govern the investment management process in that client's environment.

In addition to user-initiated operations, Webfolio generates additional operations automatically in the course of some business processes, for example, share transfers.

Operations and Operation Sub-types:
There are four categories of operations in Webfolio: capital; fund; forex; and equity (stock) operations. Embedded within these operations are the specific actions a portfolio manager needs to make to complete an operation. Examples include contributions, withdrawals and transfers of cash into accounts; subscriptions and redemptions of funds; fees and fee payments.

Transactions are the components of operations that are linked together and execute individual actions to complete the operation. Transactions typically take the form of debits and credits into current (capital), securities, and fees accounts. Occasionally, an operation is first broken down into multiple operations that are then carried out by the linked transactions (e.g., equalization factor subscriptions).

Positions and Cash:
Operations and their corresponding transactions can open, update and close product (fund) positions of a portfolio, and increase/decrease cash positions within an account (including the fees accounts).

Positions are the net holdings of a product (e.g., fund, equity, or forex), the result of combining purchase and sale transactions for that product within a portfolio. Positions are computed on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. This provides the ability to measure the realized gain for the closed positions and the unrealized gain for open positions that have been revalued. The positions are liquidated at the redemption value date.

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