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Webfolio manages quotes for all the products and indexes supported by the system: funds, forex forward rates, stocks, future rates futures, and other rates (e.g., LIBOR, Treasury Bill).

The evaluation of a fund position follows the same procedure as an equity position. Valuation of a position on a stock or a future is accomplished with real-time quotes; information can be drawn from a list of real-time providers. The elements of a quote are source, status, quality. Webfolio can manage a collection of prioritized quote sources; there is a system level default, often a source defined at the portfolio level, and a source can be selected at the time of an evaluation. It is also possible to associate a dedicated quote source with a portfolio.

In addition to the NAV of a fund, the system can track GAV (gross asset value), performance (MTD return), yield, AUM (assets under management total, onshore, offshore, managed account), leverage, and capacity (total and remaining). Typically the NAV or performance is the quote type that is tracked in the system.

Multiple types of quotations can be kept for a product simultaneously and these can be graphed or used in reports.

Quotation Tools:
Validation rules can be created for quotes; these rules are similar in structure to constraints for portfolio properties.  

The Quote Comparisons window is used to visually scan for significant differences between two selected quote dates for all the products at once. A tolerance can be set in percent for the NAV or GAV quotations to highlight if any out-of-bounds differences exist.

The purpose of the NAV controller is to compare quotes for the same securities, at the same dates, but for two different sources (usually the system default source – the underlying fund administrator - and the portfolio default source). Using a user-definable tolerance, you can identify which NAVs are out of bounds.  The quotations can be modified right in the NAV controller window without having to exit to the quote window by clicking in the value field and adding or amending the information there.

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