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Webfolio can be accessed via the Internet using a secure connection or on a LAN with client-server access. In both cases, when the login request is initiated the user will be presented with the Webfolio login dialog box. The box requires a case sensitive username and password.

Users and User Groups:
The primary tools used for managing use and access of Webfolio functionality are:

  • User definition: assigning them to User Groups, issuing usernames and passwords
  • User Group Creation: granting them permissions
  • Granting User Group access to Portfolio and Contact Groups.

User Profiles:
Each user must have a pre-established user profile. The profile is used to uniquely identify users, so that any action taken by the user is tracked and the appropriate access controls and constraints are applied.

User Groups:
User groups are the key to granting permissions to users. If a user is not assigned to any group, the user will not be able to access any information or functions. Permissions are set for user groups. Each group can have an individual profile of access to functions and information that can be further refined to read, add, update and delete authority. The overall permission the user has is the sum of all the permissions in the combined groups that he has been assigned to. 

User Group Access to Portfolio and Contact Groups:
User Groups are the means used to control access to user defined portfolio and contact groups.

Portfolios must belong to at least one portfolio group. A contact might or might not be assigned to a contact group. 

User Constraint Group:
A constraint group for an individual user can be created.

Workflow Control:
The workflow (progress of an investment decision from conception to final execution) in Webfolio is controlled via a workflow rule table. Any change of a status of an investment session, allocation, or operation is controlled via user-definable rules. The rules are entries in the Workflow Rule View. Each rule includes which User Group is allowed to execute the rule, what credentials (Special Permissions listed in the User Groups) are required, and if authentication (re-entry of the password) is required and/or if comments must be entered.

Electronic Document Manager (EDM) security:
Part of EDMís security system is based on the definition of a User Groupís permissions over Document Classes and access to the file path.

Documents stored in EDM can be shared and accessed by other users depending on the User Groups they belong to. 

Audit Trail Reports:
Every significant database change or function access (including log in attempts) is recorded in an audit trail report that is referred to as the Business Activities screen. The global report for all activities in Webfolio is accessible (read-only) from the Views menu item. 

Exception Reporting:
Predefined rules have been set up in Webfolio to enable exception reporting on:

  • Accounts: overdraft balances
  • Operations: late settlements for subscriptions and redemptions; late pending operations; and duplicate operations
  • Positions: short positions (currently short positions are not allowed for funds in a portfolio, so there would be no entries on this window).

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