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fair value
A price that is generally perceived as being neither under- nor over-priced.

fixed income investment strategy
Investments mainly in bonds, annuities, or preferred stock. They may be long, short, or a combination of the two.

fixed-income arbitrage investment strategy
A strategy that attempts to exploit pricing differentials by purchasing a bond, annuity or preferred stock while concomitantly selling short a related security.

Foreign exchange

forward contract
A contract to purchase an asset for future delivery, specifying its price and quantity in the present.

fund of funds
A fund comprised of hedge fund holdings. Diversification is typically cited as one advantage of the fund of funds approach. One drawback is that investors must pay two-tiered fees: to the fund of funds manager and to the managers of the underlying hedge funds.

fundamental analysis investment strategy
An investment strategy that emphasizes stock valuation via rigorous examination of financials and operations.  Key criteria include revenues, earnings, share of market, growth potential, debt ratios, management, products mix, and competitive environment.

futures contract
A binding agreement to buy or sell a financial instrument or commodity at a specified future date at a price specified in the present. Similar to a forward contact.

Foreign Exchange. Interchangeable with forex.


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