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incentive fee
A performance-based fee.

Stands for International Securities Identification Number. ISIN insures the standardized identification of issue-grade securities and other financial instruments within a uniform system and the distribution of data to securities market participants. ISINs and standard descriptions of securities are used in all sectors of the securities industry, and are important in performing precise and effective settlement and clearing.

Stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO Currency Codes are listed in ISO 4217.

information ratio
Active premium divided by tracking error. This measure explicitly relates the degree by which an investment has beaten the benchmark to the consistency by which the investment has beaten the benchmark.


Jones Model
A new investment approach credited to Alfred Winslow Jones. In 1949 he created what is generally regarded as the first hedge fund. Unlike traditional long-only mutual funds, the Jones model involved a limited partnership that employed a long/short investment strategy—thus hedging the portfolio against market fluctuations. Jones targeted absolute returns rather than a return that was correlated to the broad stock market.

ISO currency code for Japanese Yen.


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