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See R-squared

Stands for Risk Adjusted Return On Capital.

redemption fee
A charge, intended to discourage withdrawals, that a hedge-fund manager levies against investors when they cash in their shares in the fund before a specified date.

redemption gate
A fund-imposed limit on the amount of investment that may be withdrawn at a time from a fund.

redemption notice period
The amount of advance notice that an investor must give a hedge-fund manager before cashing in shares of the fund.

regional investment strategy
An approach in which the fund manager invests in instruments that are issued by companies or governments in a specific geographical region.

relative return
Performance over a period.

relative-value investment strategy
A market-neutral investment strategy that seeks to identify investments, whose values are attractive, compared to similar securities, when risk, liquidity and return are taken into account.

reporting agent
A third-party individual or company that verifies a fund's performance figures.

Another name for performance

Stands for Reuters Instrument Codes, Symbol used by Reuters

risk arbitrage investment strategy
Purchasing stocks of companies that are likely takeover targets, while assuming short positions in the would-be acquiring companies. Risk arbitrage players can employ an event-driven investment strategy or merger arbitrage investment strategy, seeking situations such as hostile takeovers, mergers and leveraged buyouts.

A measure of the degree to which a hedge fund's returns are correlated to the broader financial market. A figure of 1 would be a perfect correlation, while 0 would be no correlation and minus-1 would be a perfect inverse correlation. Any figure below 0.3 is considered non-correlated. The result is used to determine whether a hedge fund follows a market-neutral investment strategy. Sometimes referred to as "R".

Stands for Rate of Return


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