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What is the technology that underlies Webfolio? 
is a pure client/server Java application using the latest technology such as Swing, EJB and CORBA, providing high availability and scalability. Webfolio is compatible with most database systems such as Oracle, MS SQL, Kdb and others. Webfolio is easily integrated with existing applications programmed in popular languages (C++, COM, MATLAB, VB). Webfolio provides a translator that reads the description of any Java class used in the system and writes programs containing wrappers for other programming languages.

Is Webfolio a web-based application?
Webfolio can be installed as a web-based platform or it can be installed on in-house servers. Most clients prefer to install Webfolio in-house for reasons of security or data domicile.

How is customer data integrated into Webfolio?
The integration process involves taking your existing portfolio management databases and data sources (usually from a number of systems) and creating a historical profile within Webfolio. After reconciling the information and a period of parallel execution as required, the cut over to Webfolio will contain the operating data to avoid having to go back to legacy systems.

How is data input? Manually or automated?
New installations require that Digital Shape Technologies and the customer work together closely to transfer existing customer data to Webfolio to ensure seamless integration from the outset. Where possible, maps of the existing data are made along with the interface requirements, and the data is converted using Webfolio’s import tools.  Certainly additional and new data can be input manually. After conversion, new quotation and fund data can be downloaded from a number of quote providers on a regular basis.

We currently use PerTrac©. Can Webfolio be integrated with PerTrac?
Yes. PerTrac data feeds have been integrated into several Webfolio installations.

Can our Lotus Notes system work with Webfolio?
Yes. Several Webfolio customers use Lotus Notes for messaging, scheduling, and collaborating. In those environments Webfolio has been configured to integrate Notes emails, documents, and scheduling. Other Webfolio customers rely upon Microsoft Office applications for the same purposes and Webfolio is seamlessly integrated with them as well. Regardless of how you work, Webfolio can work for you.

Can I incorporate streaming data into my Webfolio environment?
Yes. Webfolio has links to quote providers and the means to take in and report quotations on a continual basis.

How do we share data with our offices on other continents?
Webfolio will work within your existing company communications structure, including LANs, intranets and extranets.
Depending on your needs, and degree of access required, Webfolio will be configured to allow access to the database servers for authorized users anywhere in the world. Where more than one instance of Webfolio has been implemented for multiple offices, connection is provided as defined by your list of authorized users, and cross-communication by way of portfolio proxies supports off-site portfolio advisory functions.

What are the technical infrastructure requirements for an in-house Webfolio installation?


  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 ~2.4 GHz or equivalent

  • RAM: 1 GB

  • HDD: 2 x ~40 GB EIDE or SATA

  • OS: Windows 2K or XP Pro or UNIX-based (Linux, etc.)

  • Java 2 SDK 1.4.1.x 

  • JBoss App Server 3.0.8 or higher or equivalent 

  • MS Office®

  • Adobe Acrobat 5+ Reader 

  • Oracle 8i or 9i or SQL Server


  • CPU: Any recent Pentium or equivalent

  • RAM: 512 MB

  • HDD: 500 MB free space

  • OS: Windows 2K or XP Pro or UNIX-based (Linux, etc.) 

  • Java 2RE

  • Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels (1024 x 768 supported, but not optimal)

  • MS Office

  • Mail client

  • Network Interface Card 

To Access Webfolio via the Web (Optional) 

  • Outside client: Java 2RE and Java Web Start

  • Server: Open HTTPS port

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