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Application Programming Interface.


class (Java)
In JavaTM, a type that defines the implementation of a particular kind of object. A class definition defines instance and class variables and methods, as well as specifying the interfaces that the class implements and the immediate superclass of the class. If the superclass is not explicitly specified, the superclass is implicitly Object.

Microsoft's Component Object Model, a technology for building applications from binary software components.

Common Object Request Broker Architecture. CORBA is Object Management Group, Inc.’s open, vendor-independent specification for an architecture and infrastructure that computer applications use to work together over networks. Interoperability results from two key parts of the specification: OMG Interface Definition Language (OMG IDL), and the standardized protocols GIOP and IIOP®. These allow a CORBA-based program from any vendor, on almost any computer, operating system, programming language, and network, to interoperate with a CORBA-based program from the same or another vendor, on almost any other computer, operating system, programming language, and network.

Comma Separated Values. This format is the most common import and export format for spreadsheets and databases. As there is no CSV standard, the format is defined operationally by the many applications which read and write it.


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