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Front Office Integration:  
The flexibility of Webfolio’s deal capture module can capture even the most complex financial transactions, including foreign exchange, hedge funds subscriptions and redemptions, and derivatives trading for single or multiple portfolios. Webfolio quickly performs “what if” scenarios and shows current day and forecasted cash and security positions in real time. Other features available in Webfolio include:

  • Trade ticket generation

  • FX hedging

  • Multiple validation of position changes

Middle Office: 
Webfolio’s transaction management system includes equalization credit management, pending deal management, and complex capital settlement and transaction fee management. Real, projected, consolidated and closed position lists are available through the portfolio position-keeping system which displays cash position value, average price, valuation price, actual position value, and local and base currency P&L.

Real-time Compliance Checking and Notification:
provides focused, accurate, timely, and effective reporting and analytics of compliance checking. Up to four different levels of constraints (company, management style, portfolio, or manager) are monitored and both ex ante and ex post examinations can be run. User-defined constraints guide the investment process and insure conformance to a wide range of compliance parameters:

  • Weightings and aggregated weightings

  • Underlying properties

  • Universe exclusion/inclusion

  • Style/strategy mapping

  • Statistical measures

Performance monitoring:
investment performance measurements are fully GIPS®-AIMR® -compliant. The total return of a portfolio can be measured using a Dietz, a modified Dietz, a unit value, or a time-weighted rate of return method. The results of the P&L calculations are used in determining account balances with their associated pending amounts, currently estimated fees, performance of the portfolio, and are the source of number for reporting. Performance monitoring is available using portfolio, peer group, and benchmark comparisons as well.

Automated Fees and Commissions Calculations:  
allows traditional and alternative fund managers to accurately calculate multi-layer complex fee structures including:

  • Brokerage fee grid per asset class

  • Flat fees

  • Management fees (with a layered fee rate percentage with regard to the assets of the portfolio)

  • Incentive fees: high water mark, hurdle, or both. The hurdle can be flat or based on an Index + Spread

  • Various expense amortization schedules

  • Out of pocket fees

  • Administration fees

  • Custody fees

Peer Group Analysis and Back Testing:  
Using Universes, Webfolio can quickly build and display custom composite peer group comparisons. Peer groups can also be freely integrated in back testing scenarios. The back testing module also includes fee calculation on a pro forma track and integrates currency hedging.

Analytical Tools:  
provides a variety of analytical portfolio tools including statistics and performance measurements often used in investment management and allows for saving charting configurations for future use.
Tools include:

  • Liquidity analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Correlation and covariance tables

  • Time-series

  • Quotes validation

  • Omega ratio

Electronic Document Manager:
’s document management tool lets users define groups of documents to be shared with other users. This function is fully integrated with Microsoft Office®. Import email from Outlook™ export data to Excel™, create graphical presentations in PowerPoint™. Documents of all types (emails, reports, presentations, etc.) can be linked with Webfolio contacts and stored in the EDM under the contact name.

Reporting System
Webfolio includes an automated, customizable report generation module. More than fifty built-in report pages are available for template construction. Additional user-defined templates can be added at will from scratch. All reports can be linked to Microsoft Office® applications, shared with others via email, or saved in the Electronic Document Management module.

Portfolio one-page Report Example

Imports and exports:  
Portfolios, transactions, assets, asset quotes and portfolio records can be imported or exported through Excel or XML files. Exportation of XML portfolios proxies using email is also available. Webfolio has database query tools to automatically extract, organize, and summarize portfolio, security, or contact data.

Audit Trail Logging
This function keeps track of every operation and transaction made during the investment process, identifying the operator, date and time.

enables refined permission settings for different users or user groups. User group permissions extend rights to administrator-defined user groups and user constraints restrict the rights of particular users.

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