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 The Back Office module is at the core of Webfolio. It has the greatest number of components, and is central to getting information on portfolios, funds, operations, compliance, contacts, system security and other information. The Back Office module is the domain of both the middle and back officers, the client service officers, and the compliance officers. Day-to-day tasks like processing open orders, receiving quotations, evaluating the portfolio, updating products, fees contracts, contacts and users, and producing or accessing reports are all accomplished here, as well as major sub-system maintenance like the set-up and on-going monitoring of the compliance rules.

The Back Office module menu and tool bar provides access to its many functions and services.

The menu bar lists the major subsystems and detailed drop-down lists to instantly get to the required function. The tool bar is a hot button row, each icon button is designed to bring up the main function when it is selected, but the drop down arrow beside the button provides a list of its most commonly used functions for easy selection. Webfolio also has keyboard short cuts defined in the menu bar for the frequently-used functions.

The Back Office module features the full portfolio view (accessible by clicking on the Portfolio icon, for example, and selecting a portfolio), an easy to navigate structure containing all the relevant information about a portfolio.

At the top of the portfolio view is the header area which shows at a glance key information about the portfolio, and also by double-clicking on an icon or a piece of information, acts as a shortcut to the many different functions. Below the header are the tabs which detail all of the portfolio content. Tabs also have their own menu items for access to functions specific to the tab. The information in the header and the tabs is dynamically determined by the type of portfolio, what is shown is tailored to the portfolio with which you are working.

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