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Can Webfolio manage customer and account contacts?
Webfolio stores contact information for both persons and organizations. Contact information may be open to view by all Webfolio users, or restricted to sub-sets of users. Contact data can be included in Webfolio reports. The contact manager includes CRM functionality for managing appointments, and allows for documents, including emails, to be linked to contacts for a comprehensive log of contact communications. This log is fully-searchable.

Can documents be stored in Webfolio?
Webfolio’s Electronic Document Manager (EDM) allows for documents of all types to be stored, document check-in and check-out, and creates a log of all document transactions. Documents can be retrieved using a sophisticated search function. Document access can be restricted by user. Documents can be linked to accounts, contacts, portfolios, accounts, or other Webfolio entities

Can we keep a log of all notes made by system users? If so, how can the list be searched?
Webfolio includes Electronic Document Manager (EDM). EDM is a version-controlled repository that enables the storage of any type of document: MS Office documents, trade tickets, emails, TXT files, GIF files, etc. A check-out and check-in procedure ensures that the location of all documents is known at all times. EDM can be searched by user, document name, document keywords, status, date, etc.

Also Webfolio supports a structured comment management feature that is connected to portfolios, contacts and funds. Free–form text can be stored and retrieved by date and subject.

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