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What is Webfolio Front Office?
Webfolio’s Front Office module is designed to provide investment managers with the tools needed to successfully create and manage positions in portfolios. FO is a stand-alone component of Webfolio, but is fully integrated with middle office functions. It captures investment decisions and tracks changes to portfolio valuations.

What is Back Office?
The Back Office module handles the day-to-day activity of the portfolio, including operations update, forex, evaluations, quotation management, reporting, and portfolio and fund set-up. It also handles the maintenance of the reference lists, contacts and users.

Is there middle office functionality?
At present, the middle and back office functions are covered in the Back Office module. In the not too distant future, additional accounting support will be added and with some of the current Back Office functions, a new Back Office module will be established. The remaining functions will be packaged into a new Middle Office module.

What kinds of portfolios can Webfolio manage?
Webfolio can accommodate fund of funds portfolios, managed accounts (portfolios managed on behalf of a third party), advisory accounts, and master/feeder portfolios. Secondary portfolio types include a consolidation of other existing portfolios, and a simulation portfolio for back-testing.

Master/feeder and fund-of-funds can be published (therefore they can be part of a position of another internal portfolio) and have classes and series associated with the fund.

What is a Webfolio portfolio?
Primarily a portfolio is a collection of accounts. These accounts are of two types: real-world cash and security accounts and internal accounts for fees and other accounting requirements. The security accounts contain the value of the positions held by the portfolio.

However a portfolio also has a number of other characteristics and properties:

  • Contribution/withdrawal, buy/sell and forex operations are identified and maintained by portfolio

  • Position keeping

  • Evaluation results and associated reporting

  • Compliance requirements and test results

  • Fees contracts and fees calculations

  • Share management

  • Investment sessions and allocations

  • Annotations and comments

  • Announcements of upcoming changes in portfolio capital

  • Documents in the Electronic Document Manager

  • Contacts

  • Mandate and philosophy

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