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What is Webfolio
Webfolio is a fully integrated front-to-back fund-of-funds portfolio asset management platform.

Is Webfolio a web-based application?
Webfolio can be installed as a web-based platform or it can be installed on in-house servers. Most clients prefer to install Webfolio in-house for reasons of security or data domicile.

Who should use Webfolio 
Professional financial managers, alternative and derivative portfolio managers, and fund of funds managers and analysts will benefit from its features and capabilities. Webfolio is fully integrated and gives you the ability to thrive in the competitive asset management environment. Front and back officers, compliance administrators or fund managers will find it convenient to work with Webfolio. Professionals anywhere in the world can use Webfolio since it is a multi product, multi currency and multi language application.

Why would a financial management firm want to purchase Webfolio? 
Some of Webfolio's most important benefits include "straight through" investment processing, real time portfolio monitoring, risk and performance management and portfolio reporting. Webfolio handles a variety of products (funds, equities, FX, futures, interest rates, indices) and operations. Real time position calculation and portfolio evaluation are available as well as reporting and analytics of compliance checking. The investment performance measurements comply with the GIPS and AIMR standard guidelines. Fees and commissions calculation is automated and different types of fees can be calculated, including complex incentive fees. Webfolio also provides a detailed reporting system. Webfolio is secure and reliable, helping you build your market and retain your clients.

What makes Webfolio different from other applications? 
One of the most distinctive features about Webfolio is that it integrates into a single system functions that are typically performed by many applications. Webfolio users gain efficiency, speed and reliability. Webfolio is also the first application to handle hedge funds as a conventional asset class. Webfolio manages the complete set of hedge fund characteristics: investment style, investment strategy, lead series, lock ups and penalties and offers a deal capture module that takes into consideration these properties. Major gaps in existing software such as an inability to handle multi-series unit pricing, administration fee calculation, management fee calculation, incentive fees, high watermarks, hurdle rates and equalization are all supported by Webfolio

Does Webfolio work with my other financial applications? 
Yes, Webfolio can be integrated with most existing software or systems. 

How much does Webfolio cost? 
Webfolio pricing varies with the numbers of users, the required customization, and the implementation required. Please contact our sales team at to get an estimate for a solution that meets your needs.

What makes Webfolio the platform of choice to manage my fund of funds?

  • Research: Webfolio provides the tools necessary for fund/manager selection. (product; peer group; quotes; Electronic Document Management)

  • Investing: Webfolio allows for informed investing (Front Office; order processing)

  • Accounting: Webfolio enables real-time evaluations and benchmarked performance evaluation (P&L, performance)

  • Reporting: Webfolio’s reports module generates over one hundred default reports. Custom reports can be easily created using custom templates or user-defined Excel reports.

  • Monitoring: Webfolio permits risk and compliance monitoring

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