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Can Webfolio generate reports automatically?
Yes, in fact, Webfolio will produce over one hundred default reports. It allows for report customization (title, disclaimer, logo), and the creation of report templates. For those who wish to create their own report, an Excel custom report creator is available also.

Can information in reports be disguised or made anonymous?
Yes. Names, fund styles, investment strategies, contacts, and management types can be made anonymous by replacing them with generic names. This is accomplished using Webfolio’s mapping function, which maps real names to fictitious names.

Is it possible to disguise sensitive information in reports?
Yes. Webfolio reports are linked to a mapping function. It allows reports to be made anonymous by substituting user-defined code words. It is possible to disguise names (of portfolios, accounts, securities, indices); fund styles; investment strategies; contacts; management types.


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