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Webfolio is a fully integrated and comprehensive front-to-back office asset management platform. It’s designed to manage the entire investment process in one seamless flow from front office order management and pre- and post-trade compliance to middle office order execution to back office portfolio accounting. Webfolio treats hedge funds as a conventional asset class. It accommodates hedge fund parameters such as investment style, strategy, liquidity and penalties. Its investment management and deal capture modules incorporate these and provide appropriate reporting. The overarching goal is for Webfolio to be a robust and reliable application for professional asset managers.

Webfolio’s loosely-coupled and fully customizable environment using leading-edge technology makes it simple to migrate to your office. Webfolio’s intuitive user interface maps to how business is done today. That means a short learning curve for everyone in the office.

Webfolio eliminates redundant processes and optimizes many manual activities in the end-to-end processing of trade transactions. The results are:

  • Cost savings from reduced numbers of errors
  • Improved data integrity
  • Automated portfolio reconciliation with custodians/administrators
  • Reduced operational risks
  • Accurate compliance monitoring
  • Accurate fees calculation
  • Reduced trading risk
  • Rapid access to live and legacy data, and increased usability of archived data
  • Improved and timely reporting

Systems have to support evolving needs as business changes. So we provide ongoing support for the system post-installation, constantly upgrading the Webfolio platform. Webfolio is backed by strong, well-conceived loosely-coupled architecture that insures scalability, dependability, and reliability. It can keep pace with the evolution of your business.

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