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managed portfolio
A portfolio for which you have the legal authority to buy and sell securities, futures, or other assets on behalf of the owners, with or without further approval from the owners.

management fees
A management fee is typically a charge for the allocation decisions of the portfolio manager. This charge is a percentage of the AUM (assets under management). The percentage is an annual rate, translated into a monthly rate for the accrual calculation. Although usually a management fee contract relates to only one rate, a management fee contracts can involve layers; a different rate is applied according to the band of AUM identified in the contract (a progressive rate fee).

The formal terms of reference for a portfolio manager or a management company. It can include return guidelines and leverage limitations.

Webfolio’s mapping function, which allows you to disguise or make anonymous some or most of the original data:

  • Names (of the portfolio, the accounts, the securities and the indices)
  • Fund styles
  • Investment strategies
  • Portfolio contacts
  • Management types.

mark(ed) to market
Evaluating the price or value of a security, portfolio, or account, to calculate profits and losses or to confirm that margin requirements are being met.

An arrangement of portfolios, typically on off-shore and one on-shore (the feeders) and a third portfolio (the master) that does the actual investments and generates the returns. It enables US citizens to participate in off-shore investment vehicles while remaining within tax legislation for on-shore funds.

modified Dietz method
The modified Dietz method overcomes the need to know the valuation of the portfolio on the date of each cash flow by assuming a constant rate of return during the period. Each cash flow is weighted by the amount of time it is held in the portfolio. The modified Dietz method assumes that net contributions are invested at the end of the respective day they occur. See Dietz and Time weighted return.

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