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Net Asset Value. The market value of a fund's total assets, minus its liabilities, divided by the number of its outstanding shares. The measure is used to determine prices available to investors for redemptions and subscriptions. Hedge funds typically calculate their NAVs at the end of every business day, but report them to investors on a monthly basis.

net management return
Performance calculated with management fees deducted.

net return
Performance with all fees deducted


omega ratio
A function of a portfolio's return versus a range of thresholds or target rates over a given period of time. Returns above the target are gains, those below are losses. Omega is the sum of the gains weighted by the probability of their occurrence divided by the sum of the losses weighted by their probability of occurrence for a given target. The higher the ratio, the better

Operations are actions taken on behalf of a portfolio in Webfolio. Operations handle the work of capturing and recording changes to positions, balances, and foreign exchange exposure. The operation captures the decisions of the Portfolio Manager and/or the Owner – e.g. subscribe to or redeem a position in a fund, transfer a position, contribute to the portfolio, withdraw funds from a portfolio. Underneath the operation is a series of transactions that breaks the operation down into executable components, these in turn materialize movements in cash or in kind. The transactions handle the required capital, security and fee movements individually for accounts. In addition to user-entered operations, operations are also generated by Webfolio itself through various business process executions (e.g. group actions, fee payments)

operation exception
A late pending or duplicate operation captured on the Exception Handling Form for Operations in Front Office.

operation group
An operation group is a linked set of operations identified in the operations group window. It is usually raised to document the execution of the operations where otherwise it would be difficult to ascertain in the future which operation were linked without this documentation.

operational risk
Measures the probability that investment losses will result from factors other than credit risk, market risk or liquidity risk, such as employee fraud or misconduct, errors in cash flow models, incorrect or incomplete documentation of trades.

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