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quote validation tool
The quote validation tool lets you use pre-defined validation rules based on time series indicators to check the product's quotations and highlight potentially invalid or out-of-range values.


Risk Adjusted Return On Capital

An operation that liquidates shares of a fund. Webfolio allows for two types: normal and no capital (used for fees paid in shares and adjustments).

A report is a detailed electronic document providing information about a portfolio (portfolio report), an operation (ticket), or a security (product report). Reports are produced for internal and external purposes. Portfolio and product reports include charts, graphics and data to describe the portfolio or product performance. They are generated on your local disk and are available in multiple formats (MS Excel, Adobe PDF and HTML) and languages. Portfolio and product reports can be printed, emailed, or stored in the Electronic Document Manager (EDM) so that they can be shared with other users depending on their permissions. Webfolio offers >100 default report pages that can be automatically generated. Report templates can be user-customized to generate new pages, and Webfolio supports the exporting of data into common applications to allow a user to generate almost any report desired.

report template
A template is a model used to create portfolio and product reports. Report templates are used for consistency in the production of reports.
Reports are based on templates. A report template consists of:

  • An ordered list of customizable pages with parameters

  • A general layout

  • A fully-customizable disclaimer field

  • A fully-customizable company logo/address field

The performance or rate of return of a portfolio or fund.

roles (for a contact)
See contact role.

Rate of Return

A measure of the degree to which a hedge fund's returns are correlated to the broader financial market. A figure of 1 would be a perfect correlation, while 0 would be no correlation and minus-1 would be a perfect inverse correlation. Any figure between 0.3 to -0.3 is considered non-correlated. The result is used to determine whether a hedge fund follows a market-neutral investment strategy. Sometimes referred to as "R".

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