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weight number constraint
For a variety of fund properties, a limit on the weight or the number of that property can be created. The Weight/Number Constraint Type has additional filters and aggregations that refine the action of the constraint.

Withdrawal From Last Month. Column title from the Evaluation screen.

An operation that results in the return of funds from an account to an investor. Webfolio allows for three types of withdrawals: normal; adjustment; and interest.

Webfolio allows you to adjust the work flow for allocations and operations to suit your specific office practice including adding new statuses or deleting existing ones. See Life cycle.

workflow actions
Certain actions may need to be taken when a status change occurs for either an investment session or an allocation. For example, an email may need to be sent advising of the change, or an operation generated when an allocation is promoted to an approved status. These actions are listed in the Workflow Action Browser.

workflow action browser
Webfolio uses a series of rules to control the state of an investment session or allocation. When a status changes, specific actions must be taken to effect the change. E.g., an email may be sent or an operation may need to be generated. All of these actions are captured and listed in the workflow action browser.

workflow rule
Statuses and rules are joined together in the Workflow Rule View browser.


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