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Webfolio is a leading-edge tool for sophisticated fund-of funds management. It is a comprehensive and fully integrated fund asset portfolio management platform. Webfolio supports the work of front and back-officers, administrators, and analysts in these key areas:

Multi-product support includes key contact identification and rating, quotation management, risk and performance analysis, peer group comparison, and reporting. It accommodates hedge fund parameters such as investment style, strategy, liquidity and penalties. A fully searchable Electronic Document Manager stores and classifies the information received or generated in the manager/fund selection process.

Allocations and Investments:
Front Office is the feature-rich component of Webfolio that enables portfolio investment sessions to make and track changes in investments. Planned future events like new contributions or withdrawals are captured and available for review during the sessions. Ex ante compliance checking, foreign exchange exposure, current and forecasted weighting, along with the cash and leverage positions are all provided for the upcoming investment trade date. Recommendations can be analyzed and modified or confirmed with a clear understanding of their impact on portfolios.

Risk and Performance Analysis:
Webfolio analytics provide a great wealth of information on the positions in the portfolios, as well as the ability to compare them to any number of industry indexes and peer group performances. A wide range of tabular and graphical information displays are available with user-definable layouts and formats. If that is not enough, full import/export support of the information to other analytical and reporting tools is available

Compliance rules can be set on a number of axes to provide both flexibility and superior control. Constraints can be established company-wide or only for units within the company. Constraints can be set at an individual fund level on portfolio properties such as management style, or aggregated for application to a universe of portfolios. Any measurable property can be set as a constraint, including liquidity, analytics, mix, count, and weight. Compliance reporting is instantaneous allowing a compliance officer to keep up to date on the current situation. In addition, the investment session management includes compliance checking of portfolios for future trade dates to ensure that no surprises occur.

A host of features ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial positions and valuations: real-time quote capture and updated evaluations whenever any change occurs; realized and unrealized gain/loss calculation from position changes and FX exposure; account set-up and maintenance reflecting your real-world banking and custodianship status; automated fees computation and accrual; reconciliation support of internal and external databases. All these are combined in a robust and tightly controlled environment that minimizes errors and maintains data integrity.

You would expect that a state-of-the-art platform like Webfolio would boast a large collection of standard reports for both the fund and portfolio levels, suitable for internal and external reporting. But it does not end there. All reports have customizable page inclusion, disclaimers, and where possible, layout and data selection options. Reports can be produced en clair, or disguised for confidentiality. Once produced, reports and other collateral information can be stored in the built-in Electronic Document Manager which controls access, keeps track of document revisions, and logs activity. 

The Fund Management Environment:
Even in the technology-savvy financial sector, cumbersome legacy systems are still in widespread use. One estimate suggests that fully 70% of asset management IT spending is devoted to keeping incompatible legacy systems cobbled together (Source: Tower Group). Asset management firms sink huge sums into maintaining these systems because there has been nothing better to migrate to, and the systems migration that is carried out is often costly and painful. Adopting new technologies never is entirely hassle-free, but it is imperative in order to stay agile and competitive. Digital Shape Technologies makes upgrading easy with this new generation portfolio management tool that can be overlaid onto existing legacy systems in a controlled, easy-to-manage process.

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