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Java client/server application:

  • Pure client/server Java application using the latest technologies such as SWING and EJB.

  • Any Java object is directly accessible through standard Excel and Word tools.  Accessed objects data can be manipulated by the host application and then saved back to the database.

  • High availability and scalability

  • More security

  • Better maintainability

Digital Shape is 
Sun IForce partner 


  • Business object oriented

  • Loosely coupled, multi-tier

  • Business logic engine at core

  • Open system providing a translator that reads the description of any Java class used in the system and writes programs containing wrappers for other programming languages.

Programming Interface:

  • Open APIs

  • Local/remote hosting

  • Compatible with most DBMS such as Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase.

  • Interface capabilities include some of the most commonly used programming languages (C++, COM, MATLAB, VB) and data providers.

Intuitive user interface:

  • The concept of "browser" or "window" is a key Webfolio component. Browsers make it more convenient to visualize different object collections such as portfolios, transactions and financial instruments. Our standard browser performs the following functions: it displays lists of objects from any Business Objects collection, provides standard filters for searching and sorting, and allows the user to copy, paste, and print.

  • Fast and relevant navigation in the system.

Webfolio and Customer Configurability:

Each customer has a slightly different view of business flow. They often do not recognize the same boundaries for the front, middle and back office.

To accommodate these different world-views, we have added two layers to Webfolio that make it easy for our customers to customize the application. Scripts control these layers, define the deliverable packages, and configure the user interface on a customer-specific, application-specific basis.

Webfolio can be seen as a collection of objects, including graphical objects. Scripts select from this collection the objects that are delivered to each customer. In addition, these scripts generate in the run time the menus corresponding to the windows. They thus represent different sub-applications reflecting the final user business view.

System Security Features:

  • Login security

  • Administrator-definable user and access rights (user-defined rights control access to user-defined portfolio, contact groups and EDM classes).

  • User-level constraints

  • Pre-set security features

  • Database access security

  • Activity logs (audit trail of all actions taken in the application).

Exception forms track unusual situations (e.g., account overdrafts, late pending transactions, duplicated transactions and short positions).

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