The all-in-one investment management platform

Established in 1999, Digital Shape Technologies Inc. provides Webfolio®, a fully integrated, multi-asset and real-time portfolio management software.

Webfolio helps investment organizations reduce their operational costs and deliver an increased quality of information and services to their clients, by automating most of the investment process and related activities from sales and front office, to middle and back office on a single platform.

Our scalable solution can seamlessly be interconnected with external systems and other applications, offering the possibility to replace or enhance different parts of Webfolio provided functionality.

Our solutions for investment professionals throughout your organization


  • Automate selection of assets by configuring your own workflow processes.
  • Screen assets from investment universe by using quantitative tools and compare them to peer groups.
  • Build due diligence and on-going monitoring questionnaires. Automate distribution and reception of responses.
  • Manage contacts and document phone calls and on-site meetings by using a document management system and structured, Word like formattable comments online or offline.
  • Produce and share fact sheets and other required reports, including quantitative and qualitative information.


  • Backtest portfolios.
  • Conduct “what if” scenarios.
  • Forecast cash-flows, including hypothetical and pending trades.
  • Run pre-trade compliance checks.
  • Perform statistical, liquidity, breakdown, historical event analysis and more, with optional look-through.
  • Optimize portfolios with the efficient frontier method.
  • Automate rebalancing of portfolios by using dividend reinvestment, equi-weight or efficient frontier methods.
  • Produce and distribute investment reports for both advisory and discretionary management.

Sales | Marketing | Investor relations

  • Create and distribute branded factsheets, PowerPoint presentations and reports.
  • Build due diligence and on-going monitoring questionnaires to support KYC.
  • Create and maintain proforma portfolios in client-facing situations by using our WebApp.
  • Create client portals by using personalized dashboards on our WebApp.
  • Keep records of client holdings, positions and KPI in the registrar.
  • Apply rebates and commissions to clients and intermediaries.

Middle Officers

  • Execute trades by using preexisting trading platforms connectors such as EMSX, SWIFT or FIX.
  • Monitor trades executed by counterparties by using connectors with administrators and custodians.
  • Keep track of post-trade compliance checks.
  • Perform Forex hedging, including cash-flow projections.
  • Manage client register.

Legal | Compliance | Risk

  • Set up constraints at company, portfolio and manager level, including liquidity and concentration limits.
  • Run compliance checks with optional look-through based on investment, client policies and on legal standards such as MiFID II and UCITS.
  • Analyze risk metrics such as duration, yield-to-maturity, performance attribution, contribution to performance, contribution to volatility or VaR.

Back Officers

  • Perform full or shadow accounting, control prices received from managers, follow-up of operations or accounting summary.
  • Create and save for later use estimated or final valuations.
  • Calculate portfolio metrics for investments and investors such as AUM, cost & P&L, NAV, performance, IRR or PE multiples and fees, including management and incentive fees.
  • Control execution of trades, including cash-flows and corporate actions.
  • Consolidate portfolios.
  • Produce all required reports, including price lists, position statements, concentration statements and performance summary.

Reporting | Regulatory Reporting

  • Build reports from more than 100 customizable pre-formatted pages.
  • Feed external reporting tools such as iReport, Business Objects or others by selecting from available Webfolio and external source fields.
  • Replace your reporting tool with Webfolio add-in for Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Automate distribution of reports by secure file transfer (email, SFTP, fax).

Data Managers

  • Synchronize and reconcile data from internal and external sources, such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, HFR, MSCI and Eureka Hedge.
  • Ensure data quality with 4-eyes validations, whether qualitative or quantitative, field pattern validations and statistical validations.
  • Document manual data entry by using available format text fields and by attaching electronic documents.
  • Produce and store synchronization reports with both qualitative and quantitative data.

IT | Operations | Security

  • Set-up and automate tasks with an integrated scheduler, API and web services.
  • Configure the application by using workflow tools to reflect your process needs.
  • Configure system preferences and customize user interface for different user profiles.
  • Manage user permissions, audit log and user security enforcement.
  • Index the entire database and document store content with our full text indexer.

Many more functionalities are integrated in Webfolio than we can concisely describe here. To learn more or schedule a demo, please contact us.

Your investment strategies and managed assets all in one place

Investment Strategies

  • Long-Only
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Private Debt
  • Infrastructure / Real Estate
  • Certificates


  • Open-End Funds
  • Closed-End Funds
  • Master / Feeder
  • Umbrella Funds (Unitized and Capitalized)
  • Managed Accounts
  • Advisory
  • Simulations
  • Consolidations

Managed Assets

  • Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Money Market
  • Derivatives
  • Funds
  • Physical Assets
  • Certificates

Our services and certification


We implement Webfolio within your organization while integrating your historical data.


We offer private cloud services in which we install and maintain Webfolio for you.

Data Entry & Maintenance

We enter and audit for you, estimated and other information you may receive from managers and administrators by e-mail, through websites, or otherwise.

Outsourced Operations

We provide most of the data management within front, middle and back office and reporting services by using Webfolio.

Bespoke Development

We develop additional on-demand functionalities especially tailored to your business needs, with the possibility to secure exclusivity for you.

Ongoing Support

We help users get the best experience possible on a daily basis by answering their questions and fixing bugs in a timely fashion.


We deliver Webfolio training and certification to the companies willing to provide services to our clients.

To discuss any of these services, to check if your Webfolio services provider is certified by us, or to obtain a list of certified Webfolio providers, please contact us.

Our Clients

  • Investment Firms
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Corporations
  • Pension Funds
  • Endowments
  • Family Offices
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Include 5 of the top-25 private banks1 and 3 of the top-10 asset managers2 globally.

Represent +600 users3.

Manage +$US5 trillion in assets under management3.

  1. Euromoney ranking, 2018.
  2. IPE ranking, 2018.
  3. Count performed on April 25, 2019.

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